Metal Covers of Popular Punk Tunes

There's the long-running argument that punk rock begat metal music and that's an argument mostly posited by knuckleheaded punks. The roots of metal can be traced back to groups like Blue Cheer the same way punk rock can be traced back to Question Mark & the Mysterians. In the end, it's a non-argument. It's more of a who gives a fuck argument. It's a total waste of time save for getting deep in suds and almost coming to fisticuffs with a friend.

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That aside, both genres of music have pioneers, innovators, creators and a large bucket full of shitty squads. It's as lopsided as this year's Champions League. The punk and metal genres come up today in the first of a series of fluffy blogs examining the crossover success of bands in one covering songs of another. The link between metal and punk is undeniable, regardless of who is whose daddy.

6. Slayer - "Guilty of Being White"

Originally by D.C.'s

Minor Threat

, this version comes from


1996 punk covers album

Undisputed Attitude

. You'll notice the lyrical change at the end there, which sparked some controversy for the band, but it should be widely understood that Slayer sometimes employs something called "tongue-in-cheek humor" for effect. The members of Slayer spend their downtime at their local homeless shelters serving food and sorting clothes. No lie.

5. Napalm Death - "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"

First you'll notice how friendly Barney is. He's got a lot of friends but Nazis ain't one of them! Great


take on this

Dead Kennedys

signature tune. It's worth of note that the song appeared on the Alternative Tentacles 1992 compilation album

Virus 100

, an enterprise overseen by Mr. Dead Kennedys himself

Jello Biafra



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