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MGMT Wraps the Fillmore Miami in Psychedelia

MGMT's initial ascent to the top of the indie heap was unnaturally quick. Brooklyn-based Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden embarked on this pet project in 2005 with no serious expectations of massive triumph, coming together at Wesleyan University over nothing more than a shared love of music. And only three years later, the pair had signed to Columbia Records and released a debut record, Oracular Spectacular — featuring "Time to Pretend," "Kids," and "Electric Feel" — that was so insanely buzzed, it would make Lindsay Lohan's weekend binges jealous.

This year's follow-up, Congratulations, is a 12-track trip into studied schizophrenia. The shimmering, psychedelic pop that earned it so much praise on Oracular Spectacular has been polished to a fine glow.

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