Minneapolis' Daymoths to Play Two Weekend Shows at Little Munich

Fans of distinctive female vocalists will find much to love in the Saint Paul, Minnesota, duo Daymoths, which makes its South Florida debut at Little Munich. Frontwoman Emily Dantuma and musical partner Ollie Dodge have been writing music together under a variety of guises for a decade, and this latest incarnation is decidedly measured. Tempos rarely rise above a crawl, pushed forward by tinkling pianos and the occasional urgent snare drum roll. The songs instead meander, seemingly purposefully constructed to sound like bedroom musings.

The truly interesting thing here, though, is the vocals. Dantuma uses hers to great expressive effect, exploring warbles and whispers equally and apparently unafraid to experiment with tones that might be conventionally considered strange. Fans of Kate Bush and Amanda Palmer particularly might appreciate the warbling peaks and valleys of "Thank You." The band's so nice, it plays twice in a row at Little Munich, on Friday, January 28, and Saturday, January 29 (see Hear Hums below).

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