Mixin' Up the Meyer

Having managed the Brooklyn-based La France Promotions for ten years, Micheline Conde has the credentials (and the connections) to book one hell of a show. And this Saturday, she's bringing the party to downtown West Palm Beach, for the Palm Beach Music Festival. Now a PBC resident, Conde knows what performers are needed to make the party work (and get the crowd to work it). The lineup features no less a party girl than Miami's Jacki-O, the Southern rapper known for her club anthems (and, of course, her feud with Khia over the "Queen of the South" title). Mixtape masters DJ Flex and Tony Touch put the spin down, while Fulanito serves up a trifecta of hip-hop, reggae, and drum 'n' bass. If that's not mixed enough, Silvana Magda and the Katendê Band keep it going with a rhythmic blend of African, Brazilian, Caribbean, and other Latin styles. There's bound to be one you'll like.

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