Morrissey fans are just plain weird. Case in point -- the Moz's message board on his website, where fans can discuss all things Morrissey. A sampling: "Early on in the show I managed to shake (or rather, grasp) his hand while he walked by us at the front of the stage. Did anyone else there happen to see him wipe his hand on his trousers, with an exaggerated expression of disgust on his face? That was my sweaty palm sweat he was wiping from his hands!" -- Terra Sullivan

Morrissey struts into South Florida in support of his latest album, You Are the Quarry, at 8 p.m. Sunday, October 24, and Monday, October 25, at the Jackie Gleason Theater, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets cost $35 to $59. Call 305-673-7300.

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