MP3: Astrea Corporation's Intergalactic "Third String Asimov"

Paxitron and Carly Astrea stargazing.
Paxitron and Carly Astrea stargazing.

The Astrea Corporation, much like the noted science fiction author referenced in their cryptic song title, are on some space shit. Awash in dark and sweeping atmospheres, "Third String Asimov" continues down the interstellar path of psychedelic sci-fi meets beat-heavy electronics that the group is known for -- see Disposable Orwell.

Group vocalist Carly Astrea's dreamy, androidish melodies lay heavy on the gnashing mechanical core of percussion and Vangelis-like textures of synth constructed by lead producer Paxitron. While trip-hop by any other name will just get you tangled up in a vast web of unsubstantiated subgenres and buzzwords, one must admit there is something more at work here.

Astrea's upcoming EP of the same name is just a few knob twists away from completion, and without getting specific, they've alluded to some pretty special plans for its release. Check back with County Grind toward the end of the month for a more in-depth feature and details on the new record. In the meantime, zone out here to "Third String Asimov" and then head over to for free downloads and other treats.

MP3: Astrea Corporation's Intergalactic "Third String Asimov"

Third String Asimov by Astrea Corporation by Audio-Justice

Astrea Corporation. With Lavola and The State Of. 8 p.m. Friday, July 29, at Speakeasy Lounge, 129 N. Federal Highway, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $5. Click here.

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