MP3: Lil Wayne Backs the Pack With "Green and Yellow"

MP3: Lil Wayne Backs the Pack With "Green and Yellow"

Young gouda baby. Lil Wayne goes all in for the Green Bay Packers on his remake of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow," which is called "Green and Yellow," natch. Although he makes it clear that "this ain't a dis song," it's still a magnificent collection of verbiage that Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin won't want his guys to internalize before Super Bowl Sunday.

Our four favorite lines and download link below.

"No love for 'em, boy, breakin' hearts/We gon' toast these niggas, Pop Tarts"

"Long hair, don't care, Clay Matthews/We shittin' on these fools, no bathroom."

"Big G's on the helmet/Steel curtain, what is that, velvet?"

"We knocked the Eagles and the Falcons and the Bears off/Now we're 'bout to cut Troy Polamalu's hair off."

Download: "Green and Yellow"

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