MP3 of the Day: Young Jeezy - "And Then What (Sumsun Remix)"

Sumsun's Judson Rogers has been busy with two upcoming releases detailed here, and taking his sparkling, R&B-inspired magic (thanks to syrupy vocals by Cleverly Hustle, AKA Beverly Russell) to more northern sects of the state. Still, he found the time to remix Young Jeezy's "And Then What" featuring Mannie Fresh.

Considering the euphoria of Sumsun's tracks and the oft-unfortunate ideas associated with so-called "chillwave," you'd expect him to take the original and smother it in synthesizers until the lyrics disappear and everything is druggy and slow. That's not what happens. Instead he virtually plugs in the 5-year-old song and intensifies it, adding flashing lights till it's bigger and bassier. The "boom-boom-claps" are spread throughout the song, and the pace quickened. The result is something almost sicker than, or as ill as, before. Jay Jenkins would be so proud.

MP3 Download: Young Jeezy - "And Then What (Sumsun Remix)"

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