MP3: Panda Bear "You Can Count on Me" (The Get Remix)

On Tuesday, Animal Collective's Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox, finally unveils Tomboy, his follow-up to 2007's watershed moment (to some) Person Pitch. Now it remains to be seen if Lennox can ever put lightning back into the bottle quite the same way, but even if there are aspects of the album we find lacking, there are plenty of gifted remixers at the ready.

One of which is Edwin Jantunen, who is half of South Florida's electronic juggernaut Sumsun and records solo material as the Get. Lots more on him in our recent Glimpses of the South Florida Scene profile. What began as an undeniably set of harmonies and reverberations by Panda Bear takes beautiful shape in Jantunen's knob-twirling hands. Listen to the original and the remix below. 

Panda Bear - You Can Count On Me (The Get Remix) by The Get

And, the Panda Bear original:

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