Blood Bros.
Blood Bros.
Photo by Angel Ceballos

MP3: Surfer Blood's "I'm Not Ready" Signals Warner Bros. Era

It has happened! West Palm Beach's pride and joy Surfer Blood has released its first MP3 as part of a multinational conglomerate, and it's a live recording of "I'm Not Ready."

Culled from a concert in Washington, D.C. last fall, this song has been a fixture of live shows for a while now. Some ingenious fans will point out that it was on the band's demo, but it has grown into a powerful entity since then. Aside from the comments made about the song here, let's add that it's totally true that the lyric, "Sooner or later they will find out what you're made of," is undeniable truth.

And you can obtain it just by providing your e-mail address to a handy Warner Bros. widget.

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