MP3: The Jameses - "Fifth Dimension"

Area synthesizer rock trio (and Zitfest organizers) the Jameses dominate "Fifth Dimension" live each time out. After hearing the song no fewer than a half-dozen times, easy access to a recorded version should up that count into the realm of daily stats we keep for "hours of sleep" or "tacos consumed." The dizzying electronic machinations and tambourine holding this track together have a gilded, holiday tint to them.

We only mention this fact because everything is a freaking gift all of a sudden this time of year. And what better item to be peeking out of a stocking than an enormous bird's head on the cover of the freshly released "Caribou"/"Fifth Dimension" seven-inch, due this week via Captured Tracks. As more information is released, we'll update you. Spin the colored wheel below and enjoy.

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