NBC Wants to Own Surfer Blood

Last night's Community featured all the standard season finale staples -- a love triangle, a twist ending, an 18-inch diameter cookie -- but local viewers may have noticed a special surprise: Surfer Blood's "Fast Jabroni" was featured just as Annie pulls Jeff aside to confess she's transferring from a community college in Denver to another community college -- in Delaware. Will Annie, AKA Pete Campbell's wife on Mad Men, make the switch?

Now, Rolling Stone, Spin, and Pitchfork may have already praised the West Palm wunderkinds, but NBC is playing for keeps. Last Thursday, Surfer Blood got to hobnob with guest Diablo Cody when they performed "Floating Vibes" on the network's Last Call With Carson Daly.

But the biggest evidence that NBC is reading County Grind on the regular? They posted to their Web site a playlist that Chuck's title character would give to his love interest Sarah, and track two is Surfer Blood's "Swim." "Chuck" writes:

I love this band. They're mellow surf rock. Quelling insurgence in foreign nations is great. But followed by some mellow surf rock, it's perfection. Life is about balance, Sarah.

That's what we're always saying, sort of.

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