Neil Young's 10 Weirdest, WTF Albums

Since 1968, Neil Young has released more than one album a year. 

Some of these records are among the greatest ever produced in the blues-derived idiom known as rock 'n' roll. 

And some of them are tremendous pieces of shit. Or at least, like, confusing as fuck. 

But, hey, that's a big part of the perennial rocker's legacy: Doing whatever the fuck he wants, whenever the fuck he wants. Because he's Neil Young, dammit. 

Here are County Grind's 10 favorite albums by Neil Young that might make you say (and/or type) "WTF?!?" 

10. Sleeps With Angels (1994)

The least weird of Neil's weird albums, this early '90s brooder was a doom-and-gloom follow-up to the equally bummed out "Ditch Trilogy" (Time Fades Away, On The Beach, and Tonight's The Night) of the 1970s. Only this time, there isn't as much free-associative Tequila-inspired improvisation. And, uh, the whole thing is about Kurt Cobain.

9. Living With War (2006)

Ol' Man Neil tries to make amends with the hippies he bummed out in the '80s when he hung with Willie Nelson and voted for Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, he wrote a record frozen in time. And, might we add, it's a slice of the temporal pie -- the George Dubya Bush era -- that we have no interest in revisiting

8. Chrome Dreams II (2007)

Only Neil could crap out a compilation of stray tracks from different eras and title it a sequel to a legendary album that never came out, and get away with it. But then again, it's that kinda shit that makes him Neil Fucking Young in the first place. To love the man is to love his ADD genius.

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