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Nero at Revolution 7/8

Dubstep's wobbly grip on the South Florida music scene as a whole has been cemented in recent months as the genre has crept out of the club scene and into larger concert venues. Major bass artists have been no stranger to either the Fillmore Miami Beach or to Revolution, and this Friday's show at the latter continues the trend. Headlining duo Nero is one of the hottest acts on the U.K. side of the scene right now, with a particularly crossover-friendly take on the genre. With a background in drum 'n' bass, the pair has a special skill in infusing dubstep's slower tempos with a kinetic energy. Unabashedly arena-reaching synth washes and frequent, vaguely helium-inflated vocals give Nero's best tracks a giddy, euphoric, old-school rush.


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