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Nervous in Suburbia

Ataris guitarist Kris Roe has lived the pop-punk dream. He escaped his shitburg Indiana hometown by passing along a demo to the Vandals' Joe Escalante. Offered a record deal over the phone, Roe informed Escalante that he didn't have a drummer. "No problem, kid; I know lots of drummers," Joe answered, and within a month, ex-Lagwagon stickman Chris Knapp was dispatched to Indiana -- resulting in instant cred among the Hot Topic throng. Roe followed Knapp back to Santa Barbara and the rest is skate-trash history: four albums, two hair-metal compilation tracks, and one Fat Wreck Chords EP -- which in today's economy equals one fat-cat major-label deal. With their Sony debut set for release in February, this may be your last chance to jump on-stage with the Ataris and play rhythm guitar on "San Dimas High School Football Rules!"

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