Never Shout Never's Spastic Positivity Rocks Revolution

Never Shout Never's music is simple, purposeful, and short. Many of Christofer Drew's tunes, concentrated on a handful of EPs and the 20-minute mini-album What Is Love?, clock in at two and a half minutes — for an internet attention span. "I think it's easier for kids to concentrate that way," Drew says. "Especially in this day and age. Kids can't even focus."

Standing out as an artist is hard, Drew says, while trying to appeal to modern, tech-savvy teenagers. "They can find something new with a click." So he tries to keep Never Shout Never's songs compact, uncomplicated, and true to the moment they were written in, drawing from what he calls the "constant flow." It's a model he says he adapted from the Beatles, who were famously prolific in churning out singles. The gritty determination of his other idol, Bob Dylan, is at the heart of Drew's candor and positive outlook.

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