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These guys are still enjoying their New Found Glory.
These guys are still enjoying their New Found Glory.
Matt Grayson

New Found Glory and Saves the Day

New Found Glory's 2000 self-titled second album was what really catapulted the Coral Springs quartet into bona fide national stardom. Released before emo had become a dirty word, the mood of the album was boisterous but sensitive pop-punk. The cover collage of faded photos included images of things like videogames and roller skates but also condoms, perfectly encapsulating the record's lyrical and sonic dance between teenage romantic naiveté and real adulthood. The single "Hit or Miss," with its plaintive but bouncy tale of waiting by a never-ringing phone, reached the Billboard Modern Rock charts. The album itself was eventually certified gold.

The band's star has only risen since then, and has lasted so long that the group has now entered the pantheon of millennial new-school-punk legends. To celebrate, it's launched an extensive national tour to celebrate the record's tenth anniversary and a reissued edition with bonus tracks. (NFG is also still technically touring behind its latest album, last year's Not Without a Fight).

In the spirit of its scene's camaraderie, New Found Glory has brought along longtime pals as tour support. Saves the Day is the biggest name among them, helmed by the only remaining member (but always the band's main creative force), Chris Conley. Boasting some 15 years of performing, the 29-year-old's musical self-evisceration remains compelling and honest rather than corny. After all, he helped create the template for the host of lesser imitators who later clogged the Warped Tour merch tables.

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