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No Pocky For Kitty

You'd think that after releasing its first album in a couple of years, 2001's Here's to Shutting Up, seminal indie band Superchunk would at least be able to pull off headlining a national club tour. This, after all, was one of the most important indie bands of the 1990s. Superchunk showed that the DIY ethic could work and that one could make a living in music without having to compromise a shred of artistic integrity. And now, it's opening for the Get Up Kids. Which leaves us asking, "Wha?!" The Get Up Kids owe a massive, more or less unrepayable debt to Superchunk and its reluctant figurehead, Mac MacCaughan, as does nearly every other emo/indie band to arise in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. And now that Superchunk has established a place in the House of Indie for all of these bands, they get to open for one. Irony worthy of... well, a Superchunk song.


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