When Nonpoint came straight outta Fort Lauderdale with its 2000 major-label debut, Statement, the band was inevitably whipped into the nu-metal frenzy of the Linkin Parks of the day. Nu-metal's not so new anymore, but Nonpoint's third full-length, Recoil, finds its sea legs among a more melodic wave of metal. While Statement and 2002's Development were propelled by machine-gun riffs and singer Elias Soriano's vein-popping vocals, Recoil does just what its name implies; it pulls the band away from becoming another nail in the coffin of an ailing genre. Soriano's urgent screams and the bottom-heavy one-two punch of bassist KB and drummer Robb Rivera are still there, but songs like "Impossible Needs" and "Rabia," which Soriano sings entirely in Spanish, creep up rather than full-on ambush. In the midst of all this rhythmic chaos sits a curious cover of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." The drum break on Nonpoint's version isn't nearly as explosive as Phil's, but it injects some flavor into a bland jam, which is exactly what Nonpoint needs to do to stay afloat. -- Audra Schroeder

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