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Nothing Rhymes With Orange

More than just a handy reminder to aspiring poets and lyricists everywhere, the Miami-based group Nothing Rhymes With Orange strikes a perfect balance of shoegaze, pop, and anthemic guitar rock. Although it may not seem so imaginative to list the likes of Oasis and Ryan Adams as influences, this four-piece obviously has a knack for extracting the most creative qualities of those influences and strikes gold with an original sound. On hearing NRWO's spacy atmospheres, pop hooks, and driving guitar textures, audiences will immediately recognize that this is the same musical territory currently being mined by hordes of other bands. But most of those other bands betray themselves as calculating trend-chasers making crass attempts at riding the coattails of older artists. By contrast, NRWO isn't shy about the past decades it wants (you) to revisit, but the band's music still hits you like a fresh breeze. You'll recognize all the ingredients that went into the band's Hello Mysterious album, yet each song engages the listener on its own terms, which not only speaks volumes about NRWO's inventiveness but also its ability to apply different songwriting strengths from song to song.

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