Odd Future Fan Gets Ass Kicked Onstage During Concert; Did He Deserve It?

Just when you finally thought the attention-addicted swag brats of Odd Future had finally loosened their vise-like grip on pop-culture consciousness, the young rap crew is yielding pageviews like never before.

Their latest stunt?

They kicked the living hell out of a 17-year-old fan, onstage, in the middle of performing.

After the cut, check out a video of the beatdown and let us know if you think this jabroni had it coming.

Odd Future Did the Right Thing

Hey, the whole point of the punk-derived stage crashing -- followed, usually, by stage diving -- is that concerts are wild and crazy free-for-alls where absolutely anything goes. What, did this guy think Hodgy Beats was going to give him a high-five and a cupcake? 

P.S. Some sources claim Rasagi threw the first punch.

Odd Future Did the Wrong Thing

We can't really think of an argument for this position, can you?


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