Odd Future on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Scares, Envigorates America

Pretty much everyone at the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show who appears onscreen during Los Angeles rap collective who favor ski masks Odd Future's TV debut seems engaged by the proceedings. The night was billed as a "Time to Scare White America." Fallon himself is holding a perma-smile while his mind is racing. His guests are confused. Someone in the audience is holding her hands over her ears as Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats and their cohorts stalk the stage performing "Sandwitches." Mos Def is elated, we find out at the end. Most of all, though, ?uestlove and the Roots are feeling it, and obviously enjoying a moment that sees a promising group live up to the blog hype when given a chance to communicate with an enormous audience. Watch (repeatedly) below.

Golf Wang! Via Sound of the City.

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