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Ode to Billie Joe

It's hard to think of Green Day as somebody's old man. Punk lends itself to youthful exuberance, which makes even the originators of the punk revival seem like a bunch of boys out for a joy ride in their daddy's car. But many in the silly string of punk and ska bands who wouldn't have a career without Green Day have spurned Billie Joe and Co. as hopelessly sellout, which is pretty sad, considering that the sound of the group has changed very little over the years. Besides, these whiny bastiches owe Green Day their millions. Blink-182 must surely be aware of that as they share headlining duties on the Pop Disaster Tour with the godfathers of the punk revival. But even Blink-182 is now nearly ten years old. Hard to believe, eh? Is the punk revival finally getting over the hill? Not if the snotty lyrics, catchy melodies, teen angst, and grade-school sense of humor evident on both Green Day and Blink-182's most recent albums are any indication.

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