Old Cowhands

Dust off those boots, and oil up your saddle. After playing numerous venues in their hometown of Toronto, the Reggae Cowboys are riding into West Palm Beach at sundown, bringing their unique blend of C&W-tinged reggae. Looking for all the world like extras in a spaghetti Western -- minus horses and lil' doggies -- the four-man band has lasted a decade and proven it's no gimmick. Depicting the wild, wild west in songs such as "Rock Steady Rodeo" and "Buckin' Bronco," these cowhands have put together music that will make you laugh at first, but then groove to a rhythm that would make Freddie McGregor want to wrestle a steer and chow down a can of cold beans next to the campfire. The Reggae Cowboys perform at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, October 2, at Clematis by Night on Centennial Square, West Palm Beach, 561-659-8007.

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