Owl City on Saturday, September 8, at Revolution Live

Last month, electronic synth-popper Owl City (born Adam Young) dropped The Midsummer Station, the Minnesotan's highly anticipated fourth record. "Hey if you like my music, tell your friends," Young recently tweeted. "If you hate my music, tell your enemies." Fans responded enthusiastically, and The Midsummer Station became one of the hottest albums on iTunes. Critics, however, were far less impressed by Owl City's senior effort. Entertainment Weekly mocked the record, calling it "insufferably mushy" and "relentlessly synthesized" before questioning its authenticity. "Who wrote these lyrics, a man or a My Little Pony?" CBS News shared a similar sentiment, declaring that "The Midsummer Station doesn't generate much emotion, from either its main performer — or its listeners." But so what? The Midsummer Station isn't Owl City's best album, but Young's having fun. And ultimately that's what fuzzy electro pop should be about.


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