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Ozzy Osbourne

What is Ozzy now, 100 or something? You´d think the old coot would call it a career rather than further tarnish his legacy. Like most icons past their prime, though, maybe he just doesn´t know when to say when. He´s clearly saddled by idiots. Why else would he choose to whore himself out on MTV? But even if someone did have the stones to attempt to dissuade him, Ozzy´s never needed anyone´s validation. And he doesn´t need it now, a point he makes clear on ¨I Don´t Want to Stop¨: ¨I don´t know what they´re talking about/I´m making my own decisions/This thing that I found ain´t gonna bring me down/I´m like a junkie without an addiction. ¨ In fact, on Black Rain, he sounds more invigorated than he has in years. Granted, there are few surprises and even fewer decent tunes, but Oz can still sing his ass off.

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