Paul Oakenfold

Is there anything that Paul Oakenfold hasn't done? The London-born wax worker has been dubbed the world's most successful DJ (per Guinness World Records), toured with Madonna, sold zillions of CDs, reportedly has collected as much as £25,000 or more for certain gigs, and collaborated with actress Brittany Murphy on the club hit single "Faster Kill Pussycat" off his 2006 disc, A Lively Mind. If that doesn't make you want to hang the DJ just yet, the top-rated house and trance turntablist has also remixed such music-industry glitterati as Snoop Dogg, U2, the Cure, and Massive Attack as well as provided tracks for flicks ranging from Swordfish to The Matrix Reloaded. Starting in July, Oakie's even set to open for Madonna on the European summer leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour, and his latest studio album is due out later this year. Come bask in Oakenfold's superstardom Saturday at Gryphon, one of the club's biggest bookings ever.

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