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Peach on the Beach

With the recent takeover of Congress by the Democrats, it's possible that the title of Peaches' latest disc, Impeach My Bush, could be rendered prophetic. Chances are, though, it will be business as usual up in Washington, D.C., just as it is in the Peaches camp. If electroclash is soooo five years ago, no one bothered to inform the Canadian electro-smut vixen. Or perhaps she's just chosen to ignore that little news flash. Ergo, you still get the same cheesy mechanized beats and robotic art-punk grooves as always — and, of course, the raunchiest, funniest lyrics this side of DJ Assault. Impeach My Bush offers ditties like "Tent in Your Pants" and "Two Guys (for Every Girl)," which features the lines "Once you boys get started, you'll be at it for hours/Come on, boys, I know you're not damn cowards/Just remember an ass is an ass/So roll over, have yourself a blast." And then there's "Rock the Shocker," a primer on digital foreplay that Peaches is sure to demonstrate, at least to some extent, live.

Peaches performs at the opening night of Art Basel on Wednesday, December 6, on a beach stage between 21st and 22nd streets, Miami Beach. The show starts at 10 p.m. Admission is free. Call 305-674-1292, or visit

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