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Perpetual Groove

The name of this four-man posse of Southern musicians implies that audiences can jam out to their music endlessly. And part of that is true — the band is known for its rolling sets and college-town hippie vibe. They are from Athens, Georgia, and it's a fact that bands strong enough to make it beyond the confines of Athens are worth listening to based on the sheer musical competition in that town alone. So consider Perpetual Groove as advanced jam band musicians. But don't try to pigeonhole them as some Southern Phish rip-off band — Widespread Panic has already got that position covered. Perpetual Groove has a strong rock component that thrashers and lovers of four-to-the-floor jams, among others, should dig. That combination of laid-back instrumentation and powerful production should work in the band's favor playing to a South Florida crowd. By the time they take the stage for the final set of their two-night stint at the Culture Room, it's going to take a perpetual groove to keep fans on their feet.

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