Pink Floyd Experience Lights Dreyfoos Hall on Friday

It's got to be a hell of an undertaking to be a Pink Floyd tribute band. Most cover bands — your Led Zeppelin and AC/DC and Beatles homage-payers — simply have to look and sound the part; usually the most elaborate you'll get is the fire-breathing, platform-boot lunacy that comes with the turf when you're imitating Kiss. But the Floyd weren't just a classic-rock-radio mainstay beloved by college students everywhere — they were one of the most theatrical bands in the history of rock, accompanied as they were by gigantic pig balloons and animated film backdrops and the titular structure that they built onstage when they toured behind The Wall. But while the folks in the Pink Floyd Experience have their work cut out for them, they definitely sound the part. And staging their visually rich show in the close confines of the Dreyfoos Hall instead of the arena-sized venues that the original article played in their peak should put an interesting, intimate spin on a legendarily outsized spectacle.


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