Polar Bear Club at Rocketown, September 10

Rochester, New York, five-piece Polar Bear Club is among a crop of late-'00s bands looking to change the path of "posthardcore" away from its "brootal dood" leanings. Instead of opting for more run-of-the-mill metal injections, the band updates a '90s model of what is essentially punk-fueled, introspective indie rock with slightly gruff, early-hardcore-influenced vocals. Against the overblown leanings of many of their scene peers, Polar Bear Club sounds positively fresh, earning the band the respect both of kids and cranky old-timers alike. Among the most compelling open-minded acts it brings to Rocketown on Saturday is the like-minded Make Do and Mend, a melodic quartet that continues the long tradition of amped-up Connecticut hardcore.


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