Prolonged Adolescents

Culled from a few historically significant West Coast punk bands (Agent Orange, Social Distortion, and the Detours) came one of the most influential outfits in American punkdom: the Adolescents. Buzz-sawing their way since 1981's self-titled debut, the Ads are a textbook example of chemistry, growth, and influence, from the guitar riffage of the brothers Agnew (Frank, Rikk, and Alfie), the licks of bassist Steve Soto, and the pleading vocals of Tony Reflex (plus a revolving door of drummers). But with brothers Rikk and Alfie out of the picture, Frank didn't have to look far for a second guitar player. Yep, there's another Agnew — Frank's 20-year-old son, Frank Jr., whose rhythm work is fully on par with his uncles' ability. If the Adolescents proved anything with their latest album, the smartly executed OC Confidential, it's that, yeah, they might have grown up, but they didn't forget their roots.

The Adolescents perform on Sunday, July 23, at Maguire's Hill 16, 535 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. The show starts at 7 p.m. with openers the Street Dogs and the Vacancies. Tickets cost $12 to $13. Call 954-764-4453, or visit

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