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R. Kelly

Although he'd like to be a martyr of the law to his loyal followers, R. Kelly's recently been brought down to comedic folly thanks to the patron saint of parody, Dave Chappelle. Guilty or not, fans always flock to buy Kelly's blend of thug soul and catchy-as-hell R&B, as evident on his over-indulgent Chocolate Factory and his latest double fantasy, Happy People/U Saved Me. His personal life might be riddled with scandal, but as Chappelle said, his music's "100% scandal-proof." Or is it? If you pick up the remix edition, let's hope there are no songs about pissin'. -- Kiran Aditham

R. Kelly and Jay-Z perform at 8 p.m. Friday, November 5, at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Call 786-777-1240.


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