Rachel Goodrich

If you aren't aware yet, it's the holiday season, which means the advertisements on television are focusing heavily on toys kids don't really need and will probably forget about a month after unwrapping. Still, that didn't stop Crayola from brainwashing children into thinking they need a silly contraption called a "Glow Dome." Whatever happened to the days of just drawing on a white piece of paper?

If you've seen the commercial — and how can you not; it's on constantly — you may or may not have noticed the soundtrack. It's none other than Rachel Goodrich's song "Light Bulb," off her debut album, Tinker Toys. It's actually not the first time Good­rich's work has been used on the small screen. Earlier this year, the same track was used on an episode of Weeds. And hey, if a commercial shines the spotlight on a relatively obscure and great musician like Good­rich, who are we to fucking judge? It's worked in the past for mediocre bands like Chairlift and the more talented Feist. Come bask in the growing Goodrich glow this Saturday at the Awarehouse.

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