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Radioboxer, which formed in the Magic City from the remnants of a previous incarnation called Falaz, has earned a strong fan base around town thanks to its honesty and sincerity. And of course, because it really rocks out. The band crafts alternative yarns built on thoughtful storytelling while still grinding out distorted chops and meandering through dreamy, noodling melodies. 

Recorded in Miami's the Shack North Studios, Radio Drama is the band's 12-track debut. The album varies stylistically from song to song but remains cohesive in its unrelenting shimmering. "Radio Broke My Heart" charges along until the chorus whisks you to a No Doubt show circa '92. "Placebo Effect" haunts with breathy vocals and quirky synths. "The Killer" is a song befitting a soundtrack — Desperado, perhaps. "Don't Shoot at Me" is a melodic acoustic ballad with pointedly clever lyrics. And those are only a few highlights.


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