Randy Houser at the Round Up on May 24

Good ol' Jägermeister sure knows how to diversify in targeting its various constituencies. Wisely realizing that Jäger is some of the most favored fuel of wild parties, the liquor giant sponsors regular music tours. The best known are probably its hard rock packages, but this month brings us a country-flavored Jägermeister Presents Tour at — where else? — the Round Up in Davie. This wild western venue is the perfect place to shoot some Jäger bombs. The headliner here is rising young star Randy Houser, whose baseball caps and beard position him as a member of the new wave of Everyman rock ’n’ roll cowboys. He's probably most easily recognized by country fans for his songwriting — he's the brain behind Trace Adkins' mega-smash "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." This tour, however, finds him promoting his own solo material, which includes a new single, "How Country Feels."


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