Red Elvises' Rockabilly Rolls Into Monterey Club

The former Soviet Republic of Russia didn't actually consist entirely of spies on covert James Bond-esque missions and men in furry hats constantly shooting vodka. Take Red Elvises' frontman Igor Yuzov, for example, who grew up in Cold War-era Russia fantasizing about American rock 'n' roll. Yuzov's idolatry of U.S. rhythm and blues fed into a dream of Elvis Presley telling him to make a career out of the rock music he loved. After 30 years, the eccentric musician has truly lived up to his icon's prophecy. And with his showboat stage swagger and flashy zebra-print jumpsuits, Yuzov is doing the Elvis brand justice with his group's blend of rockabilly and a touch of Balkan folk — a combo they call Siberian surf rock.

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The Monterey Club

2608 S. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


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