Rhema Soul With DJ Chakra and DJ Zero-Z

Taking Christian hip-hop to a new level

For a lot of people, it's easy to assume that most Christian hip-hop is the same. You can expect lots of shoutouts to Jesus, no cursing, and average skills that rarely sound as good as "the real thing." But realistically, hip-hop was never vulgar to begin with, and as long as the beats and rhymes are tight, you're getting the real thing regardless of an MC's religious background. Here in Broward County, three talented lyricists, Juanlove, K-Nuff, and Butta P, who perform collectively as Rhema Soul, are making a name for themselves with their latest digital download EP, Dope Beats Good News, which is one of the more creative releases to come out of South Florida all year. Using the red-hot talents of rising producer G-Styles, the group flips among various lyrical styles, offering ten stellar new tracks of, well, dope beats and good news. They've got a good balance among them (Butta P and K-Nuff are married), and the chemistry of the group is obvious in its songs. So don't be so quick to categorize this group. They are Christians, yes, and they make hip-hop, but the music they're cranking out is much larger than a single genre. If you want to check it out for yourself, head to their website, rhemasoulmusic.com to download the album. Better yet, you can catch them this Saturday night in Delray Beach.

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