Rick Springfield

Bet you can't guess how old Rick Springfield is.

Generally speaking, '80s icons haven't fared well over the years in the looks department. The combination of cocaine, groupies, and incidents that may or may not have involved farm animals are usually to blame. The only exception to the "What the Hell Happened to Him — He Used to Be So Hot!" phenomenon is the still superdreamy Rick Springfield. Consider his days as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital: If you looked at a picture of him now, you'd hardly notice a difference. OK, so Hard to Hold bombed, but he was at least gracious enough to show us his rock-star ass in the opening scene. Make sure you catch him when he rolls into town, and get the phone number for his plastic surgeon so you can distribute it to less-fortunate-looking '80s icons like Slash and Vince Neil, who now looks strangely like Jon Lovitz.

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