Rihanna Inspires Hockey-Themed Twitter Trend #rihannaing in Ottawa, Canada

What do Rihanna and professional hockey team the Ottawa Senators have in common?

That's not the first half of a joke. We are not positing a rhetorical question. We have absolutely no goddamn idea why Rihanna recently tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Senators Jersey and little else. Weird, right? But hey, people do crazy shit when a relationship goes down the tubes. RiRi's flip-flop on-and-off-again roller coaster relationship with Chris Bown was probably at least partially response for her arbitrary exhibitionism.

What we don't even begin to have an explanation for is Rihannaing, a -- take a deep breath -- new Twitter meme erupting amongst Ottawan hockey fans across Canada's capital.

Rihanna Inspires Hockey-Themed Twitter Trend #rihannaing in Ottawa, Canada

Rihannaing is unlike any hockey tradition. Those usually have to do with risking ejection by littering the ice with rubber rats, rubber octopi, and/or the fans of the opposing team. But social media has finally caught up with Canada's national past time. And the end result is more horrifying and/or hilarious than you can ever imagine.

Rihanna Inspires Hockey-Themed Twitter Trend #rihannaing in Ottawa, Canada

The crux of the trend is uploading a picture of yourself in a Senators jersey, because, you see, Rihanna did it. Usually rituals involving sports -- like the aforementioned toy animals being chucked into the rink -- are rooted in a vaguely mystical subscription to completely opaque universes of luck and synchronicity. When Senators fans started Tweeting photos of themselves aping Rihanna's pose -- and the Jersey, and the lack of pants -- there was probably a bit of buzz about improving the team's luck.

But the Sens lukewarm open to their season -- two wins, 3 losses -- makes us think its time they put their pants back on. Rihanna, on the other hand, needs to get a job working for ESPN.

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