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Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez remembers a time when disco wasn't a dirty word, and he's not afraid to remind others with the occasional old-school, garage-flavored track. He's no throwback, though. His particular variety of house heaven is full of spicy Latin rhythms, rolling tribal percussion, and jaunts into progressive and electro territory for variety. The result is a blend of sounds and grooves that bears his unique stamp: funky, sexy, dirty, and big — as at home in a dingy warehouse at 4 a.m. as it is on a sun-dappled terrace at Ibiza. Over the past few years, Sanchez has ascended to the top ranks of the world's DJ elite, powered by high-profile remixes, his Release Yourself radio show, his ownership of Stealth Records, a Grammy, and, most important, absolutely killer skills on the decks. Sample his sound at, then hear it live Friday at Opium Hard Rock.


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