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Roger Sanchez

As one of the most consistently in-demand house-music icons, Roger Sanchez plays in all of the world's most fabled nightlife paradises: Ibiza, Mykonos, Las Vegas, and, well, South Florida. Miami in particular has been a staple market for the Dominican-American DJ/producer since he began dropping singles in the mid-1990s for labels such as Nervous and Strictly Rhythm. And in that time, he has seen a host of micro-clubbing generations come and go, from pure house­heads to ravers back to the househeads again.

He's also kept up with the times, embracing online podcasts and mixes and tailoring his "Release Yourself" parties to the modern hedonist. And some might even say he, along with rebel house-music cohort Armand Van Helden, is a not-so-subtle influence on the look of Sasha Baron Cohen's famous character Ali G. After all these years, the S Man's apparently still got it.


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