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Rogue Wave

Out of the Shadow is the sound of music getting good again. It's the sound of pop music distilled to its true essence; the toe-tapping, hand-holding, paper airplane-throwing soundtrack to a breezy summer day. And it's flowing out of the amps of San Francisco quartet Rogue Wave. The perfectly crafted songs on its Sub Pop debut are like finding candy in your pocket (like one of those bite-size Snickers, not those chalky pink dinner mints your grandma has in her purse). The first two tracks, "Every Moment" and "Nourishment Nation," recall the more psychedelic popistry of the '60s, layered with singer Zach Rogue's sing-song voice, while "Sewn Up" and "Be Kind -- Remind" are gorgeous waves of Neutral Milk Hotel-esque folk. This CD makes you want to eat sunshine and crap kittens. -- Audra Schroeder

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