Maybe this was number 26?
Maybe this was number 26?

Rolling Stone: Florida Boasts Two of the Best U.S. Record Stores

Maybe this was number 26?

Only brick-and-mortar businesses were eligible for

Rolling Stone

's rundown of the

25 Best Record Stores in the U.S.A.

, so iTunes, eMusic, and the Pirate Bay are not on this list. A couple of the fine choices that County Grind can vouch for, (even if some were pretty obvious): Other Music in New York, Minnesota's Electric Fetus chain, and Amoeba out in California.

Obviously County Grind would be happier to see South Florida wax palaces Radio-Active Records and Sweat Records included on the list, but it's still promising to see that the Sunshine State got enough attention for St. Petersburg's Bananas Music ("A two-story warehouse housing nearly 3 million pieces of vinyl") and Vinyl Fever in Tampa -- the photo accompanying it speaks volumes.

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