Rose Hill Drive

Six years after forming and three years after exploding onto the scene, Rose Hill Drive has finally issued its debut full-length. Similar to the way Ford has retrofitted the new Mustangs to recall the classic look of the fastback coupes, Rose Hill Drive is a riff-driven throwback to the heyday of AOR radio; there's a distinct air of familiarity, but this clearly isn't your daddy's muscle car. The Boulder-based power trio has molded its cadre of classic-rock influences — Cream, Zeppelin, and, to a lesser extent, the Beatles/Wings and Allman Brothers — into an insurgent modern-rock composite with few contemporaries. The band members are blessed with undeniable, prodigious talent beyond their years, and that virtuosity is on display all over the album — particularly on such mind-melting cuts as "Cool Cody," which features Jake Sproul's soaring tenor in harmony with brother Daniel's searing Clapton/Harrison-esque solo. Other highlights include a three-song acoustic mid-section, as well as subtle organ flourishes throughout. Forget rocking your socks off: Rose Hill has graduated to rocking your face off.

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