Rusko at Club Cinema on November 24

British dubstep producer and DJ Rusko is a funny guy. Candid and warm, he's comfortable chatting about anything and everything from weight gain, his little chick-magnet dog, The Lion King, and medical marijuana. Rusko's also a guy who recently started taking a no-bullshit, totally independent approach to getting music to his fans, quick and easy. A split from Mad Decent left him releasing new tracks on his website. "That's what I'm going to do with all my music from now on," he told New Times. This way, he can release albums in a month's time or less, since, he explained, "the way the record labels work, there's sometimes six months between finishing the record and it being released. It gets less and less exciting." He's heading in a totally different "punk rock" direction. "There don't need to be a million remixes of every track. I don't need to collaborate with a million people," he said, and we agree: All we need is Rusko. His newest EP, Kapow, which he describes as being populated with "old-school dance-floor slammers," is up for free on his website, and he'll be breathing plenty of life into Club Cinema this weekend.


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