RX Bandits Prescribe Ska-Prog for Culture Room

Southern California's RX Bandits have come a long way from their ska-revivalist roots in the mid-'90s — so long a way, in fact, that it's hard to discern the roots of their eight full-lengths. One second, there's a full-fledged horn section; the next, there's a knock on Yes' psychedelic-prog door.

So, is it weird to go from ska to progressive rock? These guys might as well have taken residence at the Dashiki Eclectic School of Thought the way they've created well-executed musical potpourri. And one thing for sure: The Bandits are not short on charisma and chops. Even if it's just for the curious, doesn't a night of prog-punk-reggae-ska sound alluring?

To further confuse the casual listener and to add a couple of more layers to the sound mosaic will be beardos the Builders and the Butchers, who do a fun take on two-step via folk rock, and the anime-heavy psychedelics of Mars Volta descendants Zechs Marquise.

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Culture Room

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