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Sam Adams' Party Rap Is Coming to Revolution

Back in March, up-and-coming Boston rapper Sam Adams' Boston's Boy EP debuted at number one on the iTunes hip-hop charts. In doing so, the Trinity College soccer captain made DJ "We the Best" Khaled eat his own catch phrase — for a hot minute, anyhow. While the hip-hop dons reel in disbelief at his unlikely rise to the top, the lyrically gifted Sam Adams continues to utilize the three friends that made him an instant phenomenon: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. His first song, "I Hate College," a remix of the Asher Roth frat-party anthem, had more than a million views on YouTube after only a few months. It's only a matter of time before Power 96 and Y-100 start inserting Adams' radio-friendly songs, such as the Annie Lennox-sampled jam "Driving Me Crazy," in between the latest by B.O.B. and Bruno Mars. When the giant killer stops by Revolution, Fort Lauderdale can witness the political science major capable of toppling rap's biggest heavyweights.

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