Say you want a Revolution?

Revolver -- the hip little cadre of indie kids shuttling from one über-cool club to another looking for its next fix of underground music -- turns 3 years old this week. So, if you count yourself among that contingent, you'll want to make the trip to Miami's Design District to catch a set from Carlos Dengler, Interpol bassist, who will spin some of his favorite records. And don't miss the live performance from Moving Units, an L.A. quartet plying a similar brand of the retro-hued rock. Moving Units specialize in that raw bounce and clatter of funky punk (or punky funk) outfits from the '80s like Wire, Gang of Four, and A Certain Ratio. With a typical art-student slant, Moving Units' frantic, nervous songs are perfect for these anxious times. Moving Units, DJ Carlos D. from Interpol, and Avenue D celebrate Revolver's three-year anniversary at 10 p.m. Friday, December 26, at Soho Lounge, 175-193 NE 36th St., Miami. Call 305-576-1988.

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