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Scallywags Lounge

When I need to share a few brews with my buds, I look for a place that's conducive to good conversation and has a dash of debauchery thrown in for good measure. Doc and Sean must have had this concept in mind when they opened Scallywags Lounge just two months ago. The place features dirt-cheap brews and a 7 a.m. (yikes!) opening time. But the two owners have put a lot into the little lounge as of late, adding sharp displays and a keen sound system that pumps jams clearly — but not too loudly for conversation. Then there's the low-top bar lined with plush, red-cushioned chairs and cozy benches — perfect for sprawling out while maintaining quick access to the frosty goods. Those libations are still dirt-cheap too — a crisp Jackson would be more than enough to drown even the worst of weeks. And local music collectives have taken to hosting weekly retro and hip-hop nights there, making the intimate dance floor a nice respite from breaks in conversation. Just tell your friends to meet you by the C-Liquors sign.


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